Wall of Honor

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Wall of Honor: Joan and Dick Basile honored in 2007
Mary’s Shelter was established through Joan’s untiring efforts at planning and fundraising. While Dick served on the Board, Joan researched the requirements for obtaining a license and running a group home, and led the way in preparing the first house, hiring staff and training volunteers. After Mary’s Shelter opened in 1994, Joan continued to volunteer many hours per week as the Volunteer Coordinator and Receptionist at Mary’s Shelter while Dick served on the Board of Directors.

Wall of Honor: Paul Peek honored in 2008
Paul provided exceptional leadership to the Board of Directors for over fourteen years, serving as President and Chairman from before Mary's Shelter opened until he was named Chairman Emeritus in 2007. His gifts of time, talent and treasure were based on his passion for the unborn and compassion for teen mothers in need.

Wall of Honor: Evie Pilkington honored in 2009
As Mary’s Shelter prepared to open its doors in 1994, Evie stripped wallpaper and painted the kitchen of the first house. She then formed a small Auxiliary and coordinated all fundraising events for Mary’s Shelter for ten years. This passionately pro-life volunteer also served on the Board of Directors from 1997 through 2006 when she moved to an Advisory capacity.

Pat and Mary Dirk honored in 2010
Mary and Pat Dirk’s hearts for disadvantaged children were touched when they first visited Mary’s Shelter in 2004. Since then they have made generous personal contributions as well as annual gifts from their company, Troy Group, Inc. The Dirk’s also provided a new server and computers for Mary’s Shelter and filled tables at our Gala each year, where they offered a large Challenge Gift to encourage other guests to ‘dig deep.’ Pat also serves as an Advisor to the Mary’s Shelter Board.

Peggy Holmes honored in 2011
In 1995, Peggy learned about a new local ministry starting down the street from her church, and asked how she could help. She began volunteering as a mentor for pregnant teens, provided transportation for weekend outings, and accompanied our girls through their labor and delivery. Sensing their lack of spiritual formation Peggy started teaching a weekly bible study class during each school year and has done so for the last nine years. In 2008 Peggy joined our Board of Directors and continues to serve as Corporate Secretary. She and her husband, Harry, have been supporters of Mary’s Shelter all these 15 years.


Pediatric and Adult Medicine of Tustin Honored in 2012
The Pediatricians and staff at P.A.M. represent the outstanding medical service partners that collaborate with Mary’s Shelter. Since 1998 the pediatricians, nurses and staff at P.A.M. have taken exceptional care of our teens and babies, including doing a medical exam for a newly arrived child even if insurance is not yet in place and working a sick child into their schedule. They have also come to the shelter to train our staff, made “house calls” at the shelter to examine and treat all children when we had an outbreak, and Dr. Daniel Mackey comes to Mary’s Shelter to host “Ask the Pediatrician Nights” so teen mothers can ask questions and learn how to care for their own child’s health.


Joan and Paul Amort Honored in 2013
This couple has been extraordinary gift to Mary’s Shelter for over ten years!  In 2002 Joan began volunteering as a Receptionist at our front desk each week, and also tends our roses. In 2008 Paul began as our volunteer Handyman, coming once or twice a week to work his way down the never-ending Mary’s Shelter “honey-do list”. The Amorts have also been financial supporters of Mary’s Shelter and regularly attend our Gala and other special events. We are honoring them not only for what they have done, but for doing it in such a loving way.


Jan Lindsay Honored in 2014
In our 20th Anniversary year Mary’s Shelter honored Jan Lindsay, whose faith-inspired vision led to the founding of this ministry. She incorporated Mary’s Shelter, formed a board of directors and raised funds to purchase a home. After she and her husband Noel transferred out of state, she kept in touch with a few people and in 1992 handed over the project to Joan Basile, who brought the dream of a home for pregnant girls to fruition. This Orange County, California home is one of five Mary’s Shelter’s in five locations in four states – all attributed to Jan Lindsay.


Kristine Howlett Honored in 2015
Kristine Howlett began volunteering at Mary’s Shelter in 2001 when she was certified as a Doula, a professional birth coach. Since then she coached and supported more than 100 teen mothers, accompanying them through the scary, exciting and often very long process of childbirth. Asked why she helps at Mary’s Shelter, Kristine said “That’s where God sent me.” She said she feels “lucky to work with the good staff and the darling girls” and added “When most women give birth, they are surrounded by family. With Mary’s Shelter girls, it’s usually just me.”


Marilyn and Curt Whitehead Honored in 2016
The Whiteheads learned about Mary’s Shelter as members of nearby Trinity United Presbyterian Church and began volunteering soon after we opened. Marilyn is an Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioner who taught childbirth preparation classes to our girls over a decade and then volunteered as a receptionist. She also served on the Mary’s Shelter Board of Directors for five years and continues to serve as the liaison for her church. Curt began volunteering after he retired, driving residents to medical appointments and organizing the annual “Serve Day” projects by his church. The Whiteheads are a blessing to Mary’s Shelter.