Success Stories

What our former residents and their families say about Mary's Shelter:

Winter 2005

Teen ShelterTo all at Mary's Shelter, 

Words cannot express my gratitude for you and the "ministry" at Mary's Shelter. You were there at a time of extreme crisis and emotional upset within my family and the life of my daughter who at age 16 became pregnant - with twins. 
You were, and continue to be, a haven for so many others who find and still will find themselves in a similar situation.
I continue to give thanks to God for your ministry and the generosity of those who support you both financially and with their time and talents. On behalf of XXXXXXX (the teen mother) and her family, thanks for everything.

(Healthy twin daughters were born to the teen mom shortly after her mother wrote this thank you note. The photo shows the babies they brought for our staff to see.)

July 2006

Dear Liz,

Teen ShelterHi, it's me, Elizabeth. I was there about 2 years ago. I had a girl, her name is Gigi. Well, I miss - really miss - you guys and I miss staying there. It was one of my best experiences yet. You guys taught me so much. You showed me so much. You showed me how to care for my daughter and you've helped me face a lot of things when I was pregnant. You definitely showed me that I didn't need my daughter's dad. I did it without him. It's better this way.

Well, I'm getting married on the 19th of July in Laughlin, Nevada with the guy in the picture. We are so very happy. My daughter considers him as her father. He is a great guy. He helps me and my daughter out a lot. She is in baseball and in school. She is very bright and she is very spoiled and could act like a brat at times - I mean all the time.

Well, this is the end of my letter. You guys take care.

Love always, 

Fall 2006

Dear Liz and Mary's Shelter Staff:

I am soooo sorry that it has taken me this long to speak w/you. I wanted to send a letter to you guys letting you know that I am doing well and I am at home.

As you already know I had a baby boy and named him Kaleb. He was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and he was born June 18th. The pictures I sent are pictures of him on his way to church last Sunday!

Me and my dad are doing fine now, and he loves Kaleb! Everyone was right when they said things change when the baby comes. A lot of people actually say Kaleb looks like my dad.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about you guys, and how much you've done for me. I think Mary's Shelter is a great place for young mothers, and I really appreciate everything all of you have done for me. It's weird because sometimes I actually miss living there, but when I was there I was dying to get away!! I learned sooo much when I was there. Parenting classes really helped me a lot. Sometimes when I'm @ school and I see how the other pregnant girls don't know some of the stuff I know I think "What!" How do you not know that?!" But then I realize if I hadn't gone to Amy's parenting classes, I wouldn't know that stuff either. 

Well, hopefully I can come visit you guys soon, and I hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon!
Love, Brittany and Kaleb