Welcome to Mary's Shelter ~ A Home for Pregnant Teens and their Babies located in Southern California

We are here to serve teens in need of a loving and nurturing environment during their time of pregnancy and beyond. We welcome your inquiry, whether you need help or want to help, and would be pleased to schedule a convenient time to visit our homes.


Believing that every life is a gift from God, Mary's Shelter empowers and equips vulnerable teen mothers and their babies for lives of hope, dignity and self-sufficiency.


Mary's Shelter respects individuals at all stages of life and fosters loving, family-centered and faith-based values. Believing in new beginnings, we inspire and affirm residents’ chastity, not premarital sex and contraception. Believing in the sacredness of life, we support adoption, not abortion.


Mary's Shelter strives to break the negative cycle associated with teen pregnancy: abortion, high-risk births with premature and low birth-weight babies, interrupted education, repeat teen pregnancy, poverty, dependence on public assistance and child abuse and neglect in the next generation.

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